Sunday, March 26, 2017

Robin Colouring - Welcome Spring

 This robin colouring is perfect to welcome the first days of spring.  You can find this image in the March Kit and Clowder monthly class.

While gathering the copic markers I was going to use I realized that this was going to be a first for me.  Intimidating!  You bet it was!  I had never coloured a bird image before!!  

It all came together and I must admit I am pleased with the result.  No plans to make a card at the moment.  I may look around for a frame instead. 

Robin sitting on a branch surrounded by butterflies. berries, leaves and flowers coloured with Copic markers on Colours n Cards
The finished colouring with a background added.

leaves coloured with copic markers
Leaves, Berries, Flowers coloured with copics on colours and cards
I found that breaking the image into categories like leaves, berries and flowers made the image less intimidating. 

I started with the leaves and then moved on to the berries and flowers. 

Colouring sections or categories seems to work well for me. There is never enough time to do a complete image in one sitting these days.

Do you find yourself doing bits and pieces when time allows also?

Robin coloured with copics on tree branch with flowers, butterflies, berries,leaves and plain background

This  picture was taken before the back ground was added.  
I think it looks good either way! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Colouring!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Coloured Floral Portrait - A Kit and Clowder class

Hi everyone!  Does anyone else out there have issues staying on top of their blogs like I do?  You will find me posting on the Colours n Cards Facebook page regularly but I consider blogging to be a new adventure and a bit overwhelming still.  I find the convenience of posting and sharing on Facebook much easier as I am there daily following groups of amazingly creative artists, crafter's and friends.

Anyone that follows my Facebook page knows I am an advocate of the colouring classes by Alyce Keegan at Kit and Clowder.  I am enrolled in a few of her online technique classes as well as the Creative Online Monthly class.  If you are looking for tips to improve your skills or just starting out I would highly recommend checking out the Kit and Clowder website and Facebook page. You won't be disappointed!

Today I am sharing an image by Power Poppy coloured with Copic markers following printed instructions from the monthly February marker class.  Alyce also includes videos with the classes but I chose to follow the printed instructions this time around.  Yes, they are that good!!

Here is my version with out the optional background.

flowers by power poppy coloured with copic markers in pinks 
And with the back ground added

pink flower portrait with coloured yellow background

Visit Colours n Cards Facebook for more coloured images and WIP posts.

Feel free to leave a comment. Happy Colouring!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

My colouring is featured on the Stamps by Aurora Show Case

I am happy to announce that my colouring of the Snow Queen - Blooms of Ice digi is being featured on the Stamps by Aurora Wings Show Case.  How "cool" is that!

snow queen blooms of ice coloured

You can find all the Copics I used to colour this wonderful digi by following the link

stamp by aurora wings showcase badge

Mitzi has a line of Snow Queen digi's just waiting to be coloured.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Colouring n Carding!