Friday, November 3, 2017

Christmas Partying Penguins

Brrrrr ... it is cold outside today. We woke up to a skim of snow covering everything this morning making it a perfect day to grab a coffee and head to the craft room. I have a few images to finish colouring before I start making Christmas cards.

One of those images just happened to be these cute partying penguins from the October Kit and Clowder class.  I have coloured it up following the class instructions and suggested colours.  The tree looked like it was going to be difficult but following Alyce's steps, it all came together nicely.

I coloured this image with Copic markers and used a Prisma white pencil for the falling snow and a white gel pen for the tree highlights.  Before I add this cute colouring to a card some glitter maybe in order.  After all, everything is better at Christmas with a little glitter!

You can find Penguins Party at Whimsy Stamps.  

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Magical Bookworm Fairy Scene

Can you believe we are nearing the end of summer!  Time seems to fly by faster these days.  I hope you all found some time to colour, make a card or craft between the beach runs, work and kids play dates.

My recent colourings and cards haven't made it onto the blog.  It is much easier to type a few lines on the Colours n Cards Facebook page and hit post.  A writer I am not!!

That being said, once again out came the big girl panties as I decided it was time to start posting once again. What better way to gingerly slide back into blogging then with a finished colouring of the monthly marker class at Kit and Clowder.

This class covered hand drawn backgrounds, magical skies and transparent fairy wings.  All techniques that would be useful for future colourings to adorn cards and crafts.

completed bookworm fairy scene coloured with copic markers
Now isn't this a magical place to catch up on your reading. 

I have include some of the WIP (work in progress) pictures below that show some of the steps that lead up to the completed colouring. 

trees, sky and hair coloured on wip bookworm fairy scenebookworm fairy scene with trees & grass coloured sky coloured on bookworm fairy scene wip

All colouring was done with Copic markers on X-press It blending card. White accents were added with a white Signo uni-ball pen.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Born to Sparkle

Hello!  Today I am sharing my version of the April monthly Kit & Clowder colouring class. This month the class image was Sparkle from Mos Digital Pencil. I elected to use the class image but you could apply the same colouring techniques to an image of your choice.

I must admit Sparkle's pleats and folds were a bit of a challenge but that is one of the many things I like about the classes. They push me to explore images and techniques I would not normally try.

The first two pictures below are work in progress shots of Sparkle. The second picture was taken before the back ground was added. Petty intimidating to have the image all coloured then try a background technique you haven't done before.

My mind starts with the "what ifs" when it comes to backgrounds. Does yours? Time to pull on the big girl panties!


colouring of sparkles in progress

Time to do the background

Sparkles coloured before background

Whew... the background came together. Sparkle is tapping across the page with a surrounding background in splendid fashion complete with pleated dress, flowing boa and bouncing beads.

Sparkles colouring with background on colours n cards

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Robin Colouring - Welcome Spring

 This robin colouring is perfect to welcome the first days of spring.  You can find this image in the March Kit and Clowder monthly class.

While gathering the copic markers I was going to use I realized that this was going to be a first for me.  Intimidating!  You bet it was!  I had never coloured a bird image before!!  

It all came together and I must admit I am pleased with the result.  No plans to make a card at the moment.  I may look around for a frame instead. 

Robin sitting on a branch surrounded by butterflies. berries, leaves and flowers coloured with Copic markers on Colours n Cards
The finished colouring with a background added.

leaves coloured with copic markers
Leaves, Berries, Flowers coloured with copics on colours and cards
I found that breaking the image into categories like leaves, berries and flowers made the image less intimidating. 

I started with the leaves and then moved on to the berries and flowers. 

Colouring sections or categories seems to work well for me. There is never enough time to do a complete image in one sitting these days.

Do you find yourself doing bits and pieces when time allows also?

Robin coloured with copics on tree branch with flowers, butterflies, berries,leaves and plain background

This  picture was taken before the back ground was added.  
I think it looks good either way! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Colouring!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Coloured Floral Portrait - A Kit and Clowder class

Hi everyone!  Does anyone else out there have issues staying on top of their blogs like I do?  You will find me posting on the Colours n Cards Facebook page regularly but I consider blogging to be a new adventure and a bit overwhelming still.  I find the convenience of posting and sharing on Facebook much easier as I am there daily following groups of amazingly creative artists, crafter's and friends.

Anyone that follows my Facebook page knows I am an advocate of the colouring classes by Alyce Keegan at Kit and Clowder.  I am enrolled in a few of her online technique classes as well as the Creative Online Monthly class.  If you are looking for tips to improve your skills or just starting out I would highly recommend checking out the Kit and Clowder website and Facebook page. You won't be disappointed!

Today I am sharing an image by Power Poppy coloured with Copic markers following printed instructions from the monthly February marker class.  Alyce also includes videos with the classes but I chose to follow the printed instructions this time around.  Yes, they are that good!!

Here is my version with out the optional background.

flowers by power poppy coloured with copic markers in pinks 
And with the back ground added

pink flower portrait with coloured yellow background

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